Are your chargers only for Tesla vehicles?

Quite the opposite actually. Currently our Walsenburg DC Fast charger will support many vehicles on the market today in North American, just so long as they will accept a CHAdeMO plug or a CCS plug. A Tesla vehicle can charge at the Walsenburg DC Fast charger only with the use of an adapter (see theCHAdeMo adaptor or the CCS adapter). We will be adding a J1772 Level 2 AC charger that will support additional vehicles, including Tesla vehicles, without adapters.

Which cars use which plug?

Check the manual for your car or compare the plugs to the ports in your car. But if your car has a port for a DC Fast Charger connection (not all do), it most likely needs the CCS plug. As far as we know, the only two cars still being sold in America that use CHAdeMO are the Nissan LEAF and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. There is also a CHAdeMO adapter available and there are third-party CHAdeMO add-ons for other cars, such as the JdeMO adapter kit for the RAV4 EV.

How much does it cost to charge?

The Walsenburg charging station charging rate is $0.31 per kWh plus tax and fees, or a grand total of about $0.34.2 per kWh.

How long does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?

Vehicles have different battery sizes, and charge at different speeds. The same vehicle at different chargers will experience wildly varying charge times. Because of this variability, it's hard to say how long a charge will take. For most vehicles today, charging the battery from 20% to 80% should take between half an hour and an hour at our station.

Where can I join your Rewards Member Club to get the best pricing?

You can't. We don't think anyone wants another password or phone app just to get the best pricing. Our pricing is about the same as everyone else's special member pricing and you don't need to join, remember, or download anything. And we won't sell your name to anybody.

Electric cars burn coal. My tax dollars are paying for your electric car. This is a scam subsidized by the federal government.

Hey, wait! That's not a question. But we'll answer anyway: we don't care what type of vehicle anyone and our corporate mission is not to convert anyone to anything. We exist only to fill a void in charging locations for those who have already decided to buy an electric vehicle. But we do love how fun driving an EV is! There are tons of websites out that that welcome the EV trash talk. This just isn't one of them.